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Volume 2015, Issue 2 Newsletter

Volume 2015, Issue 2 Newsletter

In This Issue:

 TestingCommon Errors Transferring Products to Test

by Dan Orlando & Walt Maclay

The testing determines if the product satisfies the requirements and is ready to ship. At Voler Systems, we ensure a smooth, thoughtful transfer either to the client’s internal test group or to partners like Solution Sources Programming for test and production. Check out the common errors we see.

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Why the last 10% takes 90% of time

Any engineering manager will recognize the 90/10 rule of project management, where the first 90% is completed in 10% of the time, but the last 10% is the most agonizing and will take 90% of the time. Like an iceberg where typically only one-tenth of its volume is above water, a lot of what is going on in a project is hidden from view. Careful project management makes the 90% much more visible and avoids the 90/10 rule.  Find out more


battery2Future of Design: Low Power

Gone are the days when laptops drive the definition of low-power. Today, with explosion of battery operated devices including wearable devices, home health, mobile health and implantable devices, low-power design has reached new levels. The most challenging problem is to support wireless devices with sufficiently long range and small batteries. Batteries often define the size of a device and the length of time between charges. If batteries progressed like electronics, we would have a coin cell that could power a car and cost a penny. This will never happen, because battery technology is limited by the chemical storage of energy.

To overcome battery limitations, we conserve power by limiting transmission power, shortening transmission and receiving time, using low power sensors, and shutting down unneeded electronics. This takes a combination of system design, circuit design, and software to achieve the optimum solution.

We see the following key low-power challenges wireless takes power to transmit low power usually means low accuracy and low range some sensors, like mass flow, lasers and ultra sound, have limit low power options.

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