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Volume 2013, Issue 1 Newsletter

Volume 2013, Issue 1 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Top 20 Newsletter Articles

Here are our 20 top articles. Since others have found them interesting – we thought you might find one or two interesting ones.

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Upcoming Webinar: Is Your Product Feasible? Annuvia Case Study – Understanding Product Readiness

On Thursday, February 7 at 11am PST, Walt Maclay will join Micah Bongberg, President of Annuvia, and Mark Brinkerhoff, President of FusionDesign, in a webinar, “Is Your Product Feasible? Annuvia Case Study – Understanding Product Readiness”. It is useful case study on determining the feasibility of an initial product idea and how the idea “pivoted” to the final product that was more reliable and scalable than originally planned. It is free for all attendees and well worth your time.

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7 best practices for new product introduction

NPI graphBy Alyssa Sittig | Posted in Arena Customers & Partners, New Product Introduction

You’ve probably heard before how establishing a solid plan for new product introduction (NPI) can help you meet cost, quality and scheduling goals, but the benefits don’t stop there. A good NPI plan is the foundation of any successful product launch and often helps boost sales and encourage company growth down the road.

If you’re about to launch your product, the tidbits of advice and guidance in the newest and free Product Realization Group (PRG) whitepaper—New Product Introduction: Seven Best Practices—are for you. In this whitepaper, you’ll find the seven best ways to establish a solid NPI process and learn how to recognize the red flags to watch out for.

For the complete low-down on best NPI practices, check out PRG’s free whitepaper!


Welcome Ashish Wani

Ashish Wani is the latest member to our team.  He is has a strong background in wireless systems including ZigBee and Wifi as well as embedded hardware and software. In a few short months he has quickly become an indispensable member of our team.  He is such a dedicated and focused worker, he once found himself alone at a client’s office late at night.  Everyone had left without noticing him, and the owner had to be called to let him out without setting off the alarm system.

In addition to his engineering work, Ashish loves to travel. Recent trips included San Diego, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and Florida.


About Our Organization…

Voler Systems provides full-service R&D consulting from concept and design to production of electronic devices. Since 1979, clients have turned to us for reliable new products and test systems involving sensors and measurement electronics. Our multidisciplinary team delivers high quality products on time and on budget. We have developed hand-held equipment, web cameras, heart valve testers, RFID devices, and other specialized sensor based electronics and prototype circuits.

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