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Volume 2014, Issue 1 Newsletter

Volume 2014, Issue 1 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Mitigating Risk of Obsolete Electronic Components

When evaluating components for inclusion in a system, if you limit your analysis to performance and cost, you may discover later in the design process or even after you are in volume manufacturing that the part is now obsolete. This can expose you to long lead times, higher prices, and ultimately the need to design the part out or face shutting down your product line. Part obsolescence is a very real problem that can introduce substantial risk into your product development cycle. At Voler Systems, we always compare alternatives, looking at performance, cost, product life cycle, and footprint to select the best components for your product’s needs. For critical applications we have a partner, ACS, who specializes in checking part availability Read more


Driving Innovation – Internet of Things

There is a massive shift happening in tech, everything is getting connected to the Internet. The convenience and power of the Internet makes these products much more valuable, so clients are rushing to get their IoT (Internet of Things) products to market. They rely on Voler expertise in sensors, wireless communication and data collection technology to get products to market faster.

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Office Hours Open

Have an idea for a hardware product but don’t know where to start? Voler functions as a true technology advisor to help you understand the process of building a hardware product. We work hand-in-hand with you to determine the best direction. In this role we seek to better align with your business goals and objectives with the best available technology to achieve that. Through our interactions we weigh the pros and cons of many different technology solutions and attempt to jointly arrive on the best possible choice for the business.

Request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation during our CTO Office Hours at

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Your Priority is Ours

From time to time, but not very often, we hear from a client, saying things are not going as planned, so we drop everything to see what is going on. All of our internal meetings, emails, and non-critical project work can wait. Fortunately, the last time this happened it was something simple and in a half hour we were back to our regular schedule. Meetings can go on, emails can be read and sent!  We work hard to identify problems before you are aware of them.  We always want to hear about any issue as soon as possible.

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About Our Organization…

Voler Systems provides full-service R&D consulting from concept and design to production of electronic devices. Since 1979, clients have turned to us for reliable new products and test systems involving sensors and measurement electronics. Our multidisciplinary team delivers high quality products on time and on budget. We have developed hand-held equipment, web cameras, heart valve testers, RFID devices, and other specialized sensor based electronics and prototype circuits.

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