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March 12, 2024 Newsletter

March 12, 2024 Newsletter



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A Technical Journey to Revive a
Stethoscope/ECG Solution


Customer Introduction

This company was entering the market by developing an affordable stethoscope/ECG device for use in developing countries. At the time, the company had a prototype encountering technical challenges, causing it not to work correctly.


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"Cybersecurity: Don’t Let the FDA Derail Your Medical Device Launch."


Have you heard that medical devices are now required to be secure before being approved by the FDA? If you haven't had the time to look into the details, then this presentation is for you.

Christopher Gates, a recognized leader in medical device cybersecurity and the Director of Product Security at Velentium, will be presenting a 30-minute overview of the current requirements for either your new or your modified medical devices to be approved for market.

Chris Gate Headshot 1-1-1
Christopher Gates, Director of Product Security at Velentium

Tuesday, March 19, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 PM Pacific Time
Online Webinar

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Our Engineering Skills


Voler possesses exceptional engineering expertise, particularly in the realm of sensors and wireless communication. This specialization has led us to excel in the development of IoT and wearable devices, harnessing our skills effectively. Our proficiency extends to low-power design for battery-operated devices, as well as analog design and firmware/software development. Furthermore, our adeptness in areas such as motion control and FPGAs further solidifies our position as leaders in the field.

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FDA Hearing Aids Guidance: 2024 Compliance

Since April 14, 2023, manufacturers of OTC hearing aids must be in compliance with new FDA regulations. Learn about the regulations and how they can help you find quality OTC hearing aids.

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Partner Corner

 In this corner, we will showcase a couple of preferred and trusted partners of
Voler Systems in every issue of this newsletter. 

I2I Logo-1-3

i2i Corporate Strategies is a leading provider of tailored fundraising and exit strategy services for startups and entrepreneurs.

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Acorn Product Development-1

Voler Systems and Acorn Product Development collaborate on projects where the combined skills of the two companies are needed to produce a complete quality design - Voler leads on the electronics side, and Acorn on the mechanical side.

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Contact Us TodayVoler has helped many premier clients turn device ideas into reality. Whether you are looking for Medical Device or Wearable Technologies, Industrial IoT Device Designs, Electronic Support, Hardware/Firmware/Software, Wireless, Sensors, Motion Control, Microprocessors or FPGA Development, Voler can help you along the journey – always with a focus on keeping risks low, and keeping projects on-time, on-budget, and easy to manufacture.

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