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Volume 2009, Issue4 Newsletter



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A Fun & Interesting Project: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG is the creator of a customized Anti-Gravity Treadmill for athletic training and medical rehabilitation that enables elite athletes or those who are recovering from injury or surgery to improve mobility and health. AlterG uses air to lift a person and reduce their body weight which lessens the impact on their body. AlterG prevents repetitive stress injuries in elite athletes when training and conditioning. AlterG also speeds the natural healing of physical injuries. Read More

Calibration of Disposable Catheters

Recently Voler Systems designed and built production test equipment to test a disposable cardiac ablation catheter and calibrate thermocouples embedded in it. Previously Voler Systems performed accuracy calculations for the system including the catheter, the console it plugs into, and the calibration of the catheter. Following this accuracy calculation, our client, a leading medical device corporation, requested that we develop a test and calibration system designed to achieve the precise accuracy required with high reliability and repeatability. The tester that Voler built achieved a calibration repeatability of 0.03° which ensured that the total temperature measurement would meet specifications. This is highly precise for thermocouple measurements and required careful design and testing.Read more

Walt Maclay Honored to Speak at BIOMEDevices’ Innovation Briefs December 9, 2009

Walt Maclay will present on Data Acquisition for Medical Devices scheduled from 12:40 pm – 1:20 pm on Wednesday, December 9, 2009. The talk will be on the BIOMEDevices’ show floor in booth #801. Following the talk stop by Voler System’s booth #1100 to see examples of our latest projects.

Leaders in Reliability and Quality Solutions for Medical Devices Together at BIOMEDevices

On Dec 9 & 10, we are joined by two partners Ops A La Carte and SigmaQuest at the BIOMEDevices Expo in San Jose.

SigmaQuest’s SigmaSure™ combines automatic factory floor and return center data collection with powerful root-cause analysis to enable its customers to lower production costs and reduce product returns.

Ops A La Carte Reliability Consulting specializes in providing Reliability Solutions. Ops A La Carte owns one of the oldest and most experienced reliability test labs in the world called HALT and HASS Labs.

Visit Us At BIOMEDevices Booth #1100 Dec. 9 & 10, 2009

Join Voler Systems at the BIOMEDevices Show Dec. 9 & 10 in San Jose. BIOMEDevices is the premier event for bringing together industry leaders in medical devices. The show offers an interesting mix of new medical technology and biopharmaceutical developments.

If your team is looking for consulting experts in wireless, imaging, and sensor design, Voler Systems and our partners Ops A La Carte and SigmaQuest are at Booth # 1100. When you need high quality and high reliability, our network of partners provide services from conception to end of life.



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