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What does the IoT Explosion Mean to Engineering Managers?



The idea of connecting devices to the internet (IoT) has been popularized and is seen as the next big thing with projections of massive growth. Every company seems to be jumping on board with new IoT devices and systems.

Is the IoT just hype?

While some of the talk of “IoT explosion” might be hype, a number of technology advantages are coming together to really make IoT the next big thing. Since the world’s first internet refrigerator, the LG Internet Digital DIOS priced at more than $20,000, the advances in technology have made the IoT devices more realistic and affordable, such as

  • Processor chips with wireless capability;
  • Tiny, cheap sensors (MEMs);
  • Low power IC’s including radio chips with multiple sensors.

What does the IoT mean for engineering managers?

  • IoT is redefining low-power
  • Most devices will have multiple sensors
  • Most devices will be connected to the internet

Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects

If your company’s goal is to align with the IoT market, Voler Systems’ sensor and wireless experts can supplement your internal staff and help with

  • Design reviews
  • Lunch and learns for your team
  • Offer a fresh, objective viewpoint of how your product can fit into the IoT eco-system
  • Full design for a speedy introduction

Voler Systems understands the tradeoffs required for selecting the best wireless option for your application and how these tradeoffs affect power, performance and complexity.  To read more, see this recent blog post “What are the Best Wireless Options for Communicating with Small Devices from your Smart Phone?



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