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Volume 2010, Issue1 Newsletter

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We Grew Last Year!

Voler Systems is pleased to announce revenue growth in 2009. All of the revenue comes from billings for contract development work. Voler Systems is fortunate to be able to add the staff and capabilities that our customers have required during a time when many Silicon Valley firms are downsizing and scaling back.

Walt Maclay attributes much of their current success to a decision two years ago to build on the firm’s expertise in sensor related design concentrating on the design processes and certifications necessary to satisfy a very demanding market in both the design of medical devices and testers for medical devices. Voler Systems’ expertise in sensors has dovetailed with the growing hunger for sensors and wireless devices.

Congratulations To Our Winners at BIOMEDevice

We’re pleased to announce that Paul Russell has won our BIOMEDevice 2009 drawing for the RC solar car. This is one Christmas present crossed off his list and it does not even need batteries! Enjoy and congratulations, Paul! A special thanks to everyone else that stopped by our booth and entered this drawing. Read more

Recap BIOMEDevice 2009

We really enjoyed attending the BIOMEDevice Expo in December along with our partners, Ops A La Carte and SigmaQuest. BIOMEDevice Expo is a conference that has a strong tradition of knowledgeable suppliers with innovative solutions attending it. It is where companies are able to collaborate with ideas and updates within the biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Read about our favorite parts

PCB Layout Checklist

Here is a great checklist for printed circuit board (PCB) layout design. When we do a design we check all of these things and more. Some of the items in the list are general guidelines. Often we need to use our engineering judgment on the tradeoff between size, cost, testability, and manufacturability of the board. See our checklist

Challenges for Using Cameras in Endoscopes

Electronic cameras with video feeds are replacing miniature optical pathways in endoscopes. In the past, these miniaturized optical pathways composed of prisms and lenses (and in later generations, optical fibre) would take the image to the last part of the endoscope where the doctor would have to view it, wherever it was located. Now, the camera’s video feed allows you to place the image on display anywhere, with any size, and very conveniently. This medical usage does impose some very unique requirements on such a design. Read more

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