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Mass flow sensor

Mass flow sensor

We have many years of analog circuit design experience, and we have designed analog and mixed signal conditioning for a wide variety of sensors, including temperature sensors, cameras, and many others. Frequently our designs include analog-to-digital converters that interface to our digital circuit designs.

Analog Circuit Design Consultant We have created analog circuits that amplify, switch, filter, convert, and provide power. Our designs have high speed to 100 MHz, low current (picoamps), and low voltage (microvolts). We know how to keep the noise low and avoid coupling to high-speed digital circuits on the same board.

This board measures mass flow of a fluid by sensing the temperature difference between a heated sensor in the flow and an identical sensor out of the flow. The heating is precisely controlled, and the temperature difference is carefully measured. The resulting temperature difference is linearized in a microprocessor before being transmitted. Voler designed the board for a company that specializes in selling precise mass flow sensing devices. This product has now been in successful production for many years.

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