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Volume 2019, Issue 5 Newsletter

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Wild & Crazy Wearable Devices
Welcome to the world of weird wearables. We discovered high-tech tattoos, wearables for pets, wearables for the elderly, babies, and couples.

Discover some bizarre wearables

Mapping Your World

Increasingly cars are becoming digital platforms. Here are some interesting HD mapping services.


Mapping the world around you

Health Pods

We might see this health checkup pods soon in shopping malls and other public spaces, especially if you visit Dubai.

Check them out

Upcoming Events
IoT / Wearable Device Development from a Mechanical Engineer’s Point of View TechCode Sunnyvale, May 21 at 7pm Food Tech: Changing the Way We Eat TechCode Sunnyvale, May 23 at 11:30am Medical Sensor Design Conference Co-located with Sensors Expo & Conference, June 25 Walt Maclay is a featured speaker. Use MACLAY for $100 off
About Our Organization…
Voler Systems offers expert engineering services for new product design, medical device design, instrumentation design, and data acquisition systems.

We are experts in sensors, wireless, motion control, and power management.

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