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How to Avoid Big Errors Using Accelerometers

Accelerometers can be used to measure not only acceleration but also vibration. Historically, accelerometers have seen widespread use in manufacturing production lines and automotive electronics. They are now widely used in portable electronic devices such as cell phones, video game controllers, and cameras. Medical devices increasingly incorporate them to add capabilities to measure motion such as the rate and depth of chest compressions. Read more

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Ask Me About Electronics

If your team is looking for consulting experts in wireless, imaging, and sensor design, Voler Systems will be in the Product Realization Group’s booth at BIOMEDevices Show December 6 & 7 in San Jose.



About Our Organization…

Voler Systems provides full-service R&D consulting from concept and design to production of electronic devices. Since 1979, clients have turned to us for reliable new products and test systems involving sensors and measurement electronics. Our multidisciplinary team delivers high quality products on time and on budget. We have developed hand-held equipment, web cameras, heart valve testers, RFID devices, and other specialized sensor based electronics and prototype circuits.


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