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Product we’ve designed: ISS tiny particulates filtration device

ISS tiny particulates filtration device

Tiny particulates accumulate in the air in the International Space Station and threaten the health of the astronauts.  In order to check the filters it is necessary to measure the particle counts.  A company with technology that can detect very low levels of very small particles received a contract with NASA to deliver a device for use on the Space Station.  Voler was selected to design the electronics.  The design required very accurate controls and power conditioning to control the elements of the system.  A 28V power input and filtering was required to allow connection to the ISS power grid, which is similar to aircraft power.  Numerous tests were required in order to connect to the ISS power delivery system, in addition to a full array of compliance tests that are required to ensure safety and compatibility.  Voler designed the main board for this product and achieved first pass success.  Some of the circuits included processor, thermal sensing, rapid high power switching, optical isolation, and pressure sensing.  Voler completed the design on schedule and under budget.


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