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September 26 2023 | Voler Systems Newsletter

September 26 2023 | Voler Systems Newsletter


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A New Voler Systems Case Study


Dog Bowl Case Study-2


Wi-Fi Dog Dish Revolution: Optimizing Pet Health with Precision Technology


Customer Introduction

This company, dedicated to improving pet health, had an innovative vision for a Wi-Fi-enabled smart dog dish that addressed the challenge of underfeeding or overfeeding, particularly in multi-caregiver households. The dish would weigh food accurately and communicate with pet owners in real time.


  • The dish’s load cells did not provide accurate readings, making the weighing system unreliable.

    This dish should achieve consistent and accurate weighing of 5 Kg within +/-5 grams. It also has to remain accurate if a large dog steps on the dish, an overload of more than 10 Kg.

  • The dish needs to sense the weight, calculate food eaten, and transmit the results to cell phones; however, the required expertise for such development was lacking.

    Partner with experts with a broad range of experience to ensure accurate weight sensing, calculation, and seamless data transmission to mobile devices.

  • The prototype battery life is insufficient, hindering user convenience.

    Incorporate adequate power management to extend battery life to at least two weeks, reducing the need for frequent battery replacement.

  • Faulty firmware design prevents existing firmware from shutting down all electronics in sleep mode, leading to increased power consumption.

    Refine firmware to ensure electronics powers down in sleep mode to preserve battery life.

  • The electronics did not fit appropriately within the enclosure, risking potential damage.

    Redesign the electronics for a better fit and enhanced protection of components.

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From IoT to Medical Devices, Voler Systems ensures that your projects are executed on budget and on time. Check out this short video to see how we can help engineer your success.

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Voler Networking Tour 2023

We've got an exciting addition to the Voler Systems Networking Tour 2023 for you!

📍 Minneapolis 🗓️ Monday, October 9th @ 5:30 pm Central Time.

Are you ready to kick back and make valuable connections? Come join us at The Forgotten Star Brewing Company for a delightful evening filled with your favorite drinks, delectable food, and captivating conversations with fellow networking enthusiasts who share your passion. 🍷🍴🗣️

Drop Miguel Adao a note and he'll make sure to send you a calendar invite.

Minneapolis at Night-1


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