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October 2022 | Voler Systems Newsletter 1

October 2022 | Voler Systems Newsletter 1

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

12:00 - 12:35 PM Pacific Time / 3:00 - 3:35 Eastern Time

The ear is an incredibly rich source of information for our general health and wellness. We can gather metrics such as heart rate and heart-rate variability, oxygen level, motion, temperature, brain activity, voice metrics, and many other things. Regular monitoring of this data can provide essential insight and early warning signals, which can enable medical professionals to better diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. The next generation of ear-worn devices is coming.

Gary Spittle

Gary Spittle
Founder & CEO, Sonical

Gary Spittle founded Sonical in 2020 to enable the next generation of ear-worn devices. Gary has a PhD in binaural hearing, and holds many patents on audio processing.

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Voler Customer Showcase Series - Episode 4 - Lab2Fab-Blog



Our latest Customer Showcase Series features G-Tech Medical and Anand Navalgund, Director of Clinical Science. Over 40 million patients visit gastroenterologists for GI conditions every year. Current options for assessing gastrointestinal activity to evaluate motility disorders are inadequate, so G-Tech Medical decided to develop a disruptive technology to address this need.


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Smart Fabric - LinkedIn-2


In the last several years, wearable adoption has skyrocketed. By the end of 2022, predictions show that there will be more than a billion connected wearable devices worldwide! While fitness trackers, watches, and even glasses are getting their time in the spotlight, one unique form of wearable technology is on the brink of delivering some game-changing benefits. We're talking about smart fabric.

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IIoT Gizmos and Gadgets

Marketing Lead Bryan Torres represented Voler Systems at the annual IIoT Gizmos and Gadgets event in Santa Clara CA. He had the opportunity to demonstrate several Internet-of-Things projects that Voler has recently worked on for various clients. These included an airport defibrillator, a water sensor, an augmented reality (AR) headset, and a wi-fi dog dish.


A big thank you to Peter Walther, Tom Hunt, and the WCA Team (Wireless Communications Alliance) for the invitation to this event.

Bryan at Gizmos-1


Voler has helped many premier clients turn product ideas into reality. Whether you’re looking for Wearable Technology, Circuit Design, Electronic Design, Wireless, Sensors, Software and Firmware, Motion Control, or FPGA Development, Voler can help you identify risks while keeping the projects on-time, on budget, and easy to manufacture.Contact Us Today

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