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Bartending Smart Spout and Charging



  • Liquor pour accuracy
  • Data mining
  • Tight packaging
  • Valve control
  • Wireless communication
  • Pour volume control
  • Charging/cleaning solution
  • POS interface
  • Data analytics

Bars have a big problem with overpours that add about 25% to the cost. Bartenders with limited training may have trouble pouring all the mixed drinks they need to know. Voler developed for our customer a set of devices that solve this problem and provide data for better management of the bar.

There is a smart spout mounted on the top of each bottle (pictured), a WiFi gateway to communicate with the Point of Sale (POS) system, and a wireless charger. The smart spout measures the flow of alcohol and closes a valve when the right amount has been dispensed. It has Bluetooth communication and wireless charging. All of this fits into a small device that is sealed so it can be washed.

When a drink order is entered into the POS, LEDs light up on the smart spout to identify the bottles that are needed for the drink. The bartender pours each one into the drink until the alcohol stops flowing. Then next bottled is poured. It is almost impossible to make a mistake, and overpours are prevented, paying for the cost of the system in a very short time. When the pour is complete the smart spout relays the information by Bluetooth to the WiFi gateway where it is sent to the POS. This data assists with monitoring inventory and drink usage. When the bottle is empty the smart spout is removed for washing and charging on a device that charges several spouts at once. Wireless charging allows the spout and charger to be completely sealed.

Voler provided electronic design, sensor integration, tight packaging, wireless communication, wireless charging, firmware, and software. Our experience with sensors, wireless systems, and IoT made us the clear choice for this work.



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