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Demo of Voler’s Universal Health Sensor Platform



Universal Health Sensor Platform

This is the Universal Health Sensor Platform. There is a pulse oximeter attached to my finger and connected to the platform, which is then sending the data to the cloud, which is a platform created by Medium One. It displays real-time data. It can also do real-time processing. I’m connecting an input module right here, which will also connect to a processing module that can take Python code for the real-time processing. That will then connect to an output module, which can display or store the data. When I double click on the Python module you can see where the Python code is entered for the real-time processing. There are many other modules and possibilities that you can handle. Now we’ve exited back to the display of the real-time data, at the top is graphical data, at the bottom is an analog chart and a numerical display. All this formed the Universal Health Sensor Platform.

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