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Disruptive Startups


Lets talk about disruptive startups in 2018. Entrepreneurs create more than six million new businesses in the United States. Every year, a small percentage of them are successful and put existing business out of business.

So who are those companies that are disrupting old industries and creating new ones? Here is a look at some that we have worked with:


What is it? Voice-activated smart glasses

Why is it a top startup?

AR glasses are a game changer.The glassesinclude facial recognition, voice recognition, and hand gesture recognition. Their open platform runs Android and therefore can be easily tailored to many enterprise applications. AR will provide the information from your computer where you can use it instantly, from recognizing people in social networking to reading maintenance instructions while working on machines with both hands.


What is it?

Freestanding replacement for the traditional photo booth found in stores.

Why is it a top startup?

In the age of Instagram, photo booth rentals are surging. Their new device is rented for events. It allows more spontaneous photos for users and extra income for event organizers. PhotoBooth Supply, Co. is changing thephoto booth industry.


What is it?

An instrument that preforms accurate blood test that can screen healthy people for cancer.

Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects

Why is it a top startup?

These liquid biopsy devices can provide a simple and minimally invasive method to diagnose cancer in the very early stages, which allows for more effective treatment and lowerrisk of mortality. The blood test is as accurate as a biopsy, but far less invasive and lower cost. It will allow people without symptoms to get a test that is very accurate.


What is it?

Ultraviolet (UV) light-based device that sterilizes the dialysis-patients catheter.

Why is it a top startup?

Home healthcare is a huge market. The demand continues to grow. This device addresses a significant risk factor; infection for patients receiving dialysis is the leading cause of home dialysis issues.Infection is life threatening and quite common among home dialysis patients, because the current procedure is long and complicated. This device will be life changing to a large number of people.


What is it?

Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad is a changing pad that lets you accurately track your baby’s growth.

Why is it a top startup?

The global baby product marketis expected to reach USD 121.0 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Rising spending capability in matured economies of North America and Europe will augment industry growth over the next nine years. Much of this baby gear is strollers and carseats. The changing table market have basically not changed since the 1960’s and is ripe for disruption. This device can detect the amount of milk consumed by a baby that is breast feeding, a big cause of concern among new mothers.


What is it?

Using sensors in the bowl, the app keeps track of when and how often and how much pets are fed. Pet lovers can use the technology to help their dogs lose weight or to make sure their dogs and cats are fed while they are away. The app also alerts owners to changes in their pets eating and drinking habits and connects to Amazon to make reordering food easy!

Why is it a top startup?

The US pet care technology market is estimated in the billions. Over the last five years, the industry has witnessed considerable growth owing to the increasing awareness among the owners about their pet’s well-being. Moreover, increasing attachment of owners with their pets for companionship, entertainment, fitness and mental well-being has resulted in more spending by the consumer on their pet companion than earlier which is anticipated to further boost the market growth.



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