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Voler Featured in Today’s Medical Developments


Today’s Medical Developments recently featured Voler’s new Universal Health-Sensor Platform in an article, “Universal Health-Sensor Platform.”  Data gathering is critical to accelerating product development in medical devices.

The article highlights the key advantages of using the Voler Systems' platform for collecting sensor data in medical wearable devices:

  • Fast, low-cost development because the platform is pre-engineered to send data to the cloud
  • Quickly start testing sensors by collecting real data with a functional prototype wearable device
  • New sensors can easily be added to the basic design
  • Data can be downloaded from the cloud or processed in real time as it is collected using custom code
  • The code can be ported to production designs, saving time and money
  • Compact size – for use on humans as a prototype
  • Voler’s experience selecting sensors and incorporating them into devices

Voler’s experience in device development includes wearable devices, IoT devices, consumer and medical devices, and the company’s expertise helps navigate the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges associated with medical device development.

Today's Medical Developments



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