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Voler Systems’ Universal Health-Sensor Platform Jumpstarts Development of Wearable Devices



Voler Systems is excited to announce the availability of the Universal Health-Sensor Platform that enables gathering data much quicker and innovating that much faster. The Universal Health-Sensor Platform allows firms to save time and money when prototyping wearable devices that gather physiological data. The Universal Health-Sensor Platform allows firms to:

  • Gather physiological data potentially related to a condition or complication to refine either diagnosis or therapy
  • Test a wearable device sensor or sensors to confirm the measurement can be made as planned
  • Provide hypothesis testing for medical research or clinical care

The prototype can collect data on people to determine:

  • The right type of sensor to use
  • The right place on the body to wear the sensor
  • The best software algorithm to process the sensor data

“With our sensor knowledge, we help development teams select the right sensor. We then attach it correctly to a wearable device, and develop the software that accurately reports the data,” says Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems. “Voler’s Universal Health-Sensor Platform is your fastest path to capturing and transmitting physiological data from humans because it is a pre-engineered prototype device that can directly evolve into your eventual commercial product.”

Key advantages to the Universal Health-Sensor Platform are:

  • Fast, low-cost development, because the platform is pre-engineered to send data to the cloud
  • Quickly start testing sensors by collecting real data with a functional prototype wearable devices
  • New sensors can easily be added to the basic design
  • Data can be downloaded from the cloud or processed in real time as it is collected using custom code
  • The code can be ported to production designs, saving time and money
  • Compact size – for use on humans as a prototype
  • Voler’s experience selecting sensors and incorporating them into devices

Voler’s experience in device development includes wearable devices, IoT devices, and consumer and medical devices. Their expertise helps clients navigate the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges associated with medical device development. Or we can help you steer away from being regulated as a medical device.

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