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Voler and Ops A la Carte Collaboration to Develop Secure and Reliable Industrial RFID Device



Voler and Ops A La Carte ( were selected to develop and deliver tested prototypes of a high quality RFID device by a major Hong Kong manufacturer. They are relying on Voler and Ops A La Carte to provide a total solution for a very high quality device. Out of five companies in the US that they looked at, our Silicon Valley team was chosen. Our rich network of partnerships and relationships provided a one-stop solution to the design and tested prototypes meeting their requirement of high quality and reliability. The team we assembled has decades of experience in each of the areas of expertise: electronic design, custom IC design, security codes, reliability design and testing, usability testing, and transfer of manufacturing to offshore facilities.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Ops A La Carte, a company with more than 8 years of experience in testing and ensuring product reliability. These ID devices must work reliably, even though they will be produced in high volume at low cost,” said Walt Maclay, president of Voler. “Ops A La Carte provided the reliability expertise and ensured the performance of parts like the battery that can be problematic. We will continue to rely on them as they test the prototypes and the finished parts to verify that the reliability calculations are correct and ensure the product will have a very low failure rate in the application.”

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“Walt and his team develop dependable products and work with integrity for the best interest of the project. Their solid design practices allowed us to focus on the normally less reliable components like the battery and the clock,” said Mike Silverman, president of Ops A La Carte, “Our partnership with Voler provides wealth of established contacts that provide great flexibility in solving a customers problem.”

About Ops A La Carte ( Ops A La Carte brings reliability expertise and resources together in a flexible and customized manner to improve your organization’s ability to design and produce reliable products. We utilize our team of Reliability Consultants along with our large network of partner test facilities to quickly assemble resources to supplement your organization.



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