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Best Practices for IoT Design



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge changes within many industries, and the changes are expected to be long-lasting. We’ve also seen an unprecedented growth of IoT (Internet of Things) designs across many different industries. For example, medical IoT is a critical part of Remote Patient Monitoring, which has become mainstream due to the pandemic.

In fact, Deloitte claims that 500K+ medical technologies are currently available today, and by 2022, 68% of devices produced are expected to fall under the connected category. IoT devices can acquire, analyze, and exchange health data, which plays a crucial role in enabling better clinical workflow management, enhanced patient care, increased productivity, and lower cost.

Voler Systems offers a comprehensive service suite ranging from research and IoT design prototyping to product development and manufacturing assistance.

Here are the Best IoT Design Practices Voler Systems Follows:

  • Start with carefully written requirements
    Make sure everyone agrees with the plan, and make sure the requirements are detailed enough that the engineers don’t need to make critical product decisions.
  • Identify risks and mitigate them early
    Technical risks, regulatory risks, and market risks can kill a product. Make sure you have identified them during the architecture design phase or earlier. Make changes or do research to mitigate them, then change the requirements as needed.
  • Pick the type of wireless communication early
    Will communication go through a smartphone? Will a phone always be present? How much power will the wireless communication consume?
  • Calculate power consumption and battery life early
    This needs to be done at the architecture design phase when the requirements can still be changed. There are many trade-offs such as battery size, how often data is collected and transmitted, and the impact on the user.
  • Estimate size early
    Select key parts then do a rough placement on the PCB.
  • Plan cybersecurity from the beginning
    “Security by design” will result in a better product and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Pay extra attention to firmware and software
    The FDA and CE recognize that software is the leading cause of safety issues and recalls. They require extra steps for software. Many of them are in ISO62304.

These best practices were used in the many successful projects Voler Systems accomplished. Our engineering uses these as building blocks in design for various IoT products. Still, it is crucial to recognize that all of these rely on the context or use case.

Here's an article about getting started with developing medical devices, which in many cases requires IoT design.

Also, check out our whitepaper for Developing Product Requirements for Medical Devices.

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Are You Developing an IoT Device?

Are you integrating IoT into your devices? If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to develop successful and profitable products that will also significantly benefit many industries.

For example, in the medical industry, Remote Patient Monitoring is hot. New capabilities include low-power WAN wireless communication that transmits directly to the cloud without a phone or WiFi hot spot.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Voler Systems can help you incorporate IoT into your device project to ensure feasibility, design, and compliance. As IoT device cybersecurity experts, Voler Systems can also help you plan and design a product that adheres to FDA’s progressively strict cybersecurity guidelines.

For more information about IoT devices or to get started, contact Voler Systems today.

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