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LOW-RISK IOT DESIGN: How to Manage IoT Design Risks from Planning to Manufacture

LOW-RISK IOT DESIGN: How to Manage IoT Design Risks from Planning to Manufacture


The IoT market is growing and many innovators are participating in the IoT revolution by designing IoT products for different use cases. According to a recent survey, the number of start-ups and innovators developing IoT solutions is 7% higher in 2019 compared to 2018 with respondents citing security (47%), communication reliability (23%), ecosystem (13%), edge device reliability (10%), and ease of data review and analysis (7%) as the most important aspects of IoT design.

Creating an IoT product, however, is more than just writing specs and finding the right mix of electronics — the design risks and challenges are not purely technical. IoT product development also requires project management skills. Without it, IoT innovators will fail to proactively identify and mitigate design risks — both technical and non-technical — that will surface along the way. Project management is critical to keep a project on budget and on schedule.

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