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Triermain, LLC. is a Puget Sound-based company providing professional engineering/consulting services in the areas of medical and scientific laser design and development, biophotonics, optics, and fiber-optics, and how lasers and optics can be applied to various fields including image-guided surgery, diagnostics, therapeutics, remote sensing, life sciences and metrology. We are experts in novel laser design and development, building complex opto-electro-mechanical medical devices, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and the application of novel fiber-optic technology to surgical tools to enable precision real-time guidance. We are also experts in transitioning designs from the benchtop to bed-side, and can support your idea from concept to bench testing to pre-clinical work with device project management, thorough independent design reviews, transition of the product to short-run manufacturing, identification of novel supply chain options, aid in the development of IP and introductions to partners for scale-up. Our network includes resources in scalable QMS, project management, surgical workflow analysis, UI mock-ups, software V&V (ISO 62304). We work both virtually and hands-on with companies at all stages, from an idea with 1 – 2 employees, to publicly traded entities and multinationals.

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