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October 2021 | Voler Systems Newsletter

October 2021 | Voler Systems Newsletter

Here are some articles you might have missed in September: What are the Security Issues for IoT Devices, and Best Practices for IoT Devices. Read below to find out more...

What Are The Security Issues For IoT Devices

What are the Security Issues for IoT Devices

While stakeholders are aware that they need to protect their devices, the security risks related to IoT devices are complex, and their protection is often neglected. Here are the top security issues for IoT devices...

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Best Practices for IoT Devices

Best Practices for IoT Design

We’ve seen an unprecedented growth of IoT (Internet of Things) designs across many different industries. For example, medical IoT is a critical part of Remote Patient Monitoring. Here are the best practices for IoT design...

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Protolabs Cool Idea Award


The Boom


Voler Systems is proud to highlight the award-winning BOOM youth mentoring program. 2021 winner of Protolabs Cool Idea Award, The BOOM is dedicated to seeding engineering and entrepreneurship skills among disadvantaged teenagers.

BOOM teen apprentices are on probation, in substance-abuse treatment, or otherwise struggling with emotional or socioeconomic obstacles. This innovative project will engage at-risk apprentices in fabricating and marketing an original hardware product.

Protolabs Cool Idea Award

Professional engineers and hardware companies, your skills are needed! The BOOM is developing custom mechanical and electronic devices to enhance their educational program. They seek pro EE's and ME's for their volunteer engineering team.

Please join Voler Systems and help this unique program grow. Schedule an informational chat with The BOOM's Director, John Weiss at this link:

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