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May 2022 Newsletter | Voler Systems

May 2022 Newsletter | Voler Systems



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May 17, 2022 | 12 PM PST
8 Best Practices of Product Realization

Michael Keer Shirish Joshi Jay Feldis Mark Frederick


Michael Keer,
Founder and Managing Partner, Product Realization Group

Jay Feldis,
Product Development/
Engineering Expert

Shirish Joshi,
Global Operations/
Supply Chain Expert

Mark Frederick,
CTO and Co-Founder MākuSafe

Moving your products from idea to scale is not easy. Without the right strategies in place, your business may encounter significant challenges in making the transformation from prototype to volume manufacturing. Learn the critical warning signs of an unsuccessful product launch and how you can help your business to mitigate these risks and successfully launch your new product.

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The Basics of Smart Fabric and Its Influence on Wearables of Tomorrow

Smart Fabric | Voler SystemsWhile fitness trackers, watches, and even glasses are getting their time in the spotlight, one unique form of wearable technology is on the brink of delivering some game-changing benefits. We're talking about smart fabric.

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7 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Product Development

Outsourcing | Voler Systems

Let's face it: If you don't have the means to develop products strategically, even the best ideas won't see the light of day. Luckily, outsourcing is a viable option for many. Here are seven reasons you might consider outsourcing the development of your next electronic device.

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Low-Risk IoT Design: How to Manage IoT Design Risks from Planning to Manufacture


Voler has helped many premier clients turn product ideas into reality. Whether you’re looking for Wearable Technology, Circuit Design, Electronic Design, Wireless, Sensors, Software and Firmware, Motion Control, or FPGA Development, Voler can help you identify risks while keeping the projects on-time, on budget, and easy to manufacture.

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