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July 2021 | Voler Systems Newsletter

July 2021 | Voler Systems Newsletter

Here are some new articles on Social Distancing Wearable Technology and How Wearable IoT Devices Benefit Healthcare. Read more below.


Social Distancing Wearable Technology

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The COVID-19 pandemic is almost as real and devastating to the world today, June 2021, as it was a year ago. Despite the ongoing vaccination efforts, the virus is still widespread around the world. Social distancing is one of the best ways to be protected before mass vaccination is successful. Large companies are planning on the need for social distancing in the future, as pandemics are expected to become more common.

To that end, companies are still investing in cutting-edge products and solutions that will help these efforts. One of these solutions is a wearable solution that helps people maintain social distancing using a wrist band.

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How Wearable IoT Devices Benefit Healthcare

How Wearable IoT Devices Benefit Healthcare-Web Banner


Today more than ever, wearable IoT devices are playing a significant role in the healthcare industry by providing the information that is vital for patients to have control of their health outcomes. Owing to the continuous tech advancement, healthcare is gaining better access to patients’ information to offer a comprehensive understanding of their state and improving care.

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings can all utilize Wearable IoT devices to facilitate doctor decision-making, improve patient comfort, and make healthcare environments safer for both patients and the staff. In 2020 remote patient monitoring became very popular during the pandemic. Due to cost savings it is expected their use will continue to grow.

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Our Upcoming Events



Hypertension Management Changes More In Next 5 Years Than The Last 100 Years!

July 22nd, 12:00 pm PST
Speaker: Ryan Kraudel, Valencell


Hypertension management changes more in next 5 years than the last 100 years-1


Hypertension is a massive public health issue (over 1 billion people globally have high BP) and we are on the cusp of major advancements that will change hypertension management forever. There are three primary drivers of this change:

  • Sensor Tech
  • Care Delivery
  • Payer Models

Join our event and enjoy our lively Q&A - to discuss the massive changes happening in this area!

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5G Hype vs. Reality
Learn What It Can Really Do in 2021!

Aug. 10th, 3 pm PST
Speaker: Walt Maclay, Voler Systems


5G Hype vs. Reality-1


Learn what 5G cellular will really deliver for the three very different use cases: cell phones, on-premise equipment, and low data rate IoT. Much of what is promoted is much more limited than what has been advertised, for example, coverage areas and speed. Also, learn what will be different about IoT communication. The future with 5G will be different.

You Can Join ONLINE or ONSITE!! We look forward to seeing you!

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