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Wearables and Remote Monitoring for Elderly Patients



As people grow older, the need for more efficient monitoring and medical service grows as well. Thankfully, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is developing into a new standard of health care, which can aid in early intervention. Remote monitoring capabilities are currently enabling more convenient care, and it’s proven that greater access to proven remote patient monitoring technologies leads to a safer, more effective monitoring of health and safety among older adults.

Supporting this shift is the availability and affordability of sensors that perform physiological measurements, along with wireless technology and connectivity necessary to support remote monitoring programs. However, for elderly patients, these new technologies present some unique challenges to meet the needs of this rapidly increasing aging population and its associated challenges in healthcare.

To overcome these challenges, the remote real-time monitoring of a person’s health can be used to get more accurate health data and completely reflect lifestyle choices, health history, symptoms, medication, treatment information, and biometric data such as heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, and weight.

In this webinar, Walt Maclay discussed the different challenges in performing these measurements and how new technologies are dramatically reducing the cost of these sensors. Walt also provided an overview of the current trends and challenges for these wearable devices, and what he expects in the future. The webinar will include resources, driving forces, and the latest trends for new technology development.


  • Moderator: Jack Moorman, Chairman of US-Japan Medtech Frontiers
  • Jaclyn Funasaki, Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
  • Kenji Miura, Consulate general of Japan in San Francisco
  • Walt Maclay, President and founder of Voler Systems

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