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System Integration and Engineering Services


We have created a wide variety of systems using many varied technologies including data acquisition systems and motion control systems. We know how to create measurement and control software for a complete system. We are highly experienced with developing specifications from your ideas, creating innovative designs, and producing high quality products. Our system integration and engineering services have provided our clients high quality:

  • Test equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Quality control equipment
  • Environmental instrumentation
  • Data acquisition for EEG
  • Wireless temperature monitoring systems
  • Experienced System Integration and Consultation in Medical Devices, and more

We Know Your Field

Our integrated systems have been used in remote harsh environments, or for critical applications such as testing aircraft parts or testing medical devices. We serve diverse industries such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductors and electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Many others

Our consulting engineering services include:

Data Acquisition and Control

We’ve performed all kinds of instrumentation consulting to build systems such as monitoring systems, control systems, and dataloggers.

Test Systems

We can build large or small test systems that are based on PCs, PXI bus, or other buses. Our systems have been used for medical testing, IC testing, and aerospace testing.

Motion Control

We can make your system move as well as measure. To meet the unique needs of our clients’ applications we’ve tested and implemented a wide range of motion control actuators such as servo motors, stepper motors, slides and stages.

Software Engineering Consultation and Programming

Our software engineering consulting is an important part of providing a complete system that meets our clients needs completely, especially with measurement and control software. Sometimes off-the-shelf software can be configured quickly to make a cost effective system. Other times advanced languages, such as C, Visual Basic, or LabVIEW are needed to provide complex measurement, control, and user interfaces.



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