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Voler developed a wireless vehicle tracking device for Robertson’s Ready Mix, the leading producer of Ready-Mixed Concrete and Construction Aggregates in Southern California. Robertson’s fleet of 600 cement trucks, heavy-duty trucks and haulers are a critical asset. This device collects data in each truck and transmits this data to the back office. Robertson’s Ready Mix has six dispatchers in the back office which monitor and dispatch trucks 24 hours a day using just their mouse and computer.

wireless Wireless Asset Tracking Device

This unit transmits the location of the truck; and detects and transmits other status information. Examples of status information are whether the drivers are washing out the truck, weight of the payload, direction and speed of the rotation. The dispatchers know when the load has been picked up, when it has been delivered; when the truck is finish unloading and returning back to the plant. They know exactly what is going on, and they can dispatch these trucks efficiently. This efficiency meant 10% savings to the bottom line. Another benefit is to know where their remote assets are at all times. This results in improved quality when the activity and remote status is monitored.

Voler provided the hardware units and modified commercial software that integrates into the Ready-Mixed system. Each unit contains a GPS tracking device, sensors for remote measurement of activities, and wireless modem. The GPS system is critical for saving driving time. The detection of status is achieved with sensors measuring water flow, hydraulic pressure, rotational direction and speed. The wireless modem transmits the collected data whenever it is in cell phone coverage range.

“We rely on you and your staff to support the mobile processors you have designed and built for us. These mobile processors have been working in the field for several years in a harsh environments: we are extremely satisfied with their performance.” said Curt Perales, Project Manager at Robertson’s Ready Mix. For full reference on their letterhead see

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cement Cement Truck

“We have provided follow-up work on the software through the years with numerous enhancements. One example is a display that connects into the box. We added a simple arrow to this display that points in the direction of the site where they deliver their load. Now, this may seem unnecessary with a GPS, however cement trucks typically deliver to places that are not yet on the map. The cost of the addition of software for the arrow was returned in thirty days with the increased efficiency. Drivers did not drive past the site or look for the site randomly anymore,” said Walt Maclay, President of Voler. “They are delighted with our responsiveness for changes like this.”

“Walt has done a great job on our project. He is always in communication with us,” said Curt Perales. Robertson’s Ready-Mix is able to determine each truck’s location and minimize transportation cost by employing wireless vehicle tracking devices in each truck in their fleet.



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