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Our embedded microprocessor design consultants have developed dozens of embedded designs with microprocessors and digital logic circuit design. We have used microprocessors from Intel, Renesas, PIC, etc.

What Are Microprocessors?

Embedded design is generally considered to be a dedicated function built into a device, as opposed to a general purpose PC. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers have been the most ubiquitous component in circuit design and especially embedded design since shortly after their introduction in the mid 1970’s. They are still used by the hundreds of millions in low-cost products like toys and home appliances and high-end products like personal computers and cars.

Rely on Voler to Choose the Right Microprocessor Design or FPGA Design

There are more options than ever to choose from in digital circuit design. We can advise you on microcontroller design versus FPGA design. Microcontrollers are often the most power efficient solution. We understand the constraints of power in microprocessor design.

Our Embedded Microprocessor Design Consultants have Developed Circuits with Many Processors Including:

  • Many 8051 processors
  • PIC
  • Renesas
  • Others

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