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Digital Circuit Design Engineers for USB, FPGA, and Microprocessors


Our engineering design consultants are highly experienced with a wide range of technologies, which enables us to create innovative designs for a wide variety of products, always with the highest quality. Our digital circuit design engineers have developed:

  • FPGA designs (field programmable gate array)
  • USB designs
  • embedded microprocessor designs
  • memory designs
  • Ethernet and serial interfaces
  • PCI boards for PCs
  • wireless design
  • RFID designs
  • digital logic circuit design
  • control circuit design and software.

We have done both Altera and Xilinx FPGA designs. We do the digital circuit design and the embedded firmware. We are experienced with USB design using Cypress and other manufacturers. We do the circuit design, firmware coding, and Windows driver programming. Our microprocessor design skills cover a wide range of manufacturers. We do the embedded design and embedded programming. We have done wireless systems including the digital circuit design and the embedded firmware.

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