Why Cellular Connectivity Is A Big Deal For IoT

Get a crash course in cellular IoT connectivity, learn about x.509 certificates, and a LIVE DEMO of how Arm is solving these issues.

Cellular Connectivity for IoT devices is becoming a big deal. It is an important decision for any IoT project so we think it’s something we should all understand and be able to implement. Cellular IoT connectivity isn’t usually the most exciting topic for developers; it is, however, a powerful enabler that you can pick up, plugin, and start seeing the results of your work! If you dig one level deeper into the architecture and processes that drive connectivity, you’ll find a root of trust for IoT data security.

Join this session to find out:

  • How a good IoT platform makes management and integration easy
  • Why secure device identity is the key to IoT at scale
  • How to get your device live by making secure provisioning work for you

Watch the webinar and find out!

Why Cellular Connectivity Is A Big Deal For IoT

The session will combine a crash course in cellular IoT connectivity with a live how-to demo of activating x.509 certificate SIMs, configuring device ID, and provisioning of device and applications.