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We provide electronic and embedded system design services

Voler Systems has extensive experience in development and design of embedded control systems with sensors and actuators. We are highly experienced with developing specifications from your ideas, creating innovative designs, and producing high-quality products.

Embedded Hardware and Firmware Consultants

Our multidisciplinary team delivers high quality embedded products on-time and on-budget:

  • Hardware development design includes microcontroller selection and implementation, memory selection, power optimization, peripheral configuration and interfacing, and power supply design.
  • Firmware design includes operating system selection, defining interface protocols, supporting interrupts, analyzing sensor inputs, monitoring time and timing constraints, defining control loops and actions, and creating fail-safe or recoverable error handling.
Embedded System Design Services

Entrust your product design with Voler’s expert design team – combining decades of digital design experience on hundreds of projects across a wide spectrum of embedded systems

  • Signal Conditioning – Amplifiers
  • Analog-to-Digital Conversion
  • Microprocessor or FPGA
  • Communication – USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular
  • Control – On/Off or Proportional
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Recent Embedded Projects with Sensors

Voler delivers quality products on time and on budget.
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