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Extending the battery life of electronic devices

For wearables, we strive for the smallest, thinnest, and lightest device possible. However, these qualities also limit battery life and performance. How exactly does wearable design affect battery performance, and what techniques are experts using to develop smaller batteries without sacrificing performance?

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Wireless Technology Overview for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects to one another and the internet wirelessly, but how exactly? What affects its functions, and what good examples are available out there? Learn the inner workings of wireless technology for IoT…

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Mitigating Risk in Wearables Medical Device Design

Designing any product comes with risk, including commercial, quality, and manufacturability, among others. Designing wearable medical devices also comes with additional, unique design risks that set them apart from managing risks for regular products…

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Price is Not the Whole Story

Choosing the right electronic product design consultants goes beyond the talent fee and overall project cost. You need help from a team that can understand your needs, identify risks, keep the project on-time, make your device easy to manufacture, and comply with relevant regulations - all of these while staying within budget…

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