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Voler Systems President Walt Maclay will hold a webinar entitled “Security-By-Design – Getting Started and Getting It Right” on June 11, 2020, 10 AM Pacific. More details in the Upcoming Events section below.

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Challenging designs completed on-time and on-budget


Smartphone Case with Battery and Alarm Scares Off Attackers and Notifies the Police

  • Device did not have reliable Bluetooth pairing and battery level notification
  • Added firmware to monitor battery life
  • Added firmware to properly display paired status and cellular connection
  • Debugged faults in alarm activation corner cases
  • Debugged “frozen” status

This is a device that attaches to a smartphone. You would carry it in your hand when walking in a dangerous neighborhood at night. With the press of a button it sends a loud alarm that scares off an attacker, and it notifies the police through the smartphone.

The startup company had a junior team create the device, which was basically functioning. The firmware had numerous flaws. Voler was engaged to fix the flaws, which we did promptly. They were then able to start shipping the device.

calendarsTop Articles

11 Best High-Speed PCB Routing Practices

By Rahul Shashikanth, Sierra Circuits

A PCB designer has a tough task when it comes to routing a circuit board. Things get a lot more complicated when the design involves highspeed signals in it. In an effort to help these PCB designers, we have drafted a list of best high-speed PCB routing practices that will assist them in achieving that perfect high-speed design.

1. Devote one inner layer to a full ground plane.

One of the most usual problems in PCB design, and also in the system design, is the lack of a good ground structure.

U.S. Critical Infrastructure Full of Security Holes

By Ann R. Thryft, EE Times

The coronavirus pandemic has spawned a huge increase in cyberthreats and attacks. While much of this is aimed at consumers, a lot has also targeted companies whose employees must now access critical infrastructure, such as industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks, from home.

But that critical infrastructure, which keeps modern society going even during a pandemic, is seriously under-protected against cyberattacks, say recent reports from cybersecurity companies.

A Designer’s Guide to Batteries for Portable and Wearable Devices

By John Dring, VP of Engineering, Voler Systems

Our clients usually want the batteries in their products to be extremely small, to generate plenty of power, and to last forever. However, no existing batteries can meet all of these criteria and unfortunately, battery technology does not change very fast. Maybe things will get a little better. Battery capacities do tend to increase over time with incremental improvements and new battery chemistries sometimes replace older ones. Moore’s Law does not and never did apply to batteries.

Almost all of the things that we can do to extend battery life in portable and wearable device design have less to do with the batteries and a lot to do with the electronics. You can use microprocessors and microcontrollers that draw less power or can push most of the high-power processing from the device to the cloud.

calendarsIn Case You Missed It

Why IoT Needs Secure Messaging – San Francisco IoT Meetup

In case you weren’t able to attend the virtual meetup, the slide deck for Why IoT Needs Secure Messaging presented by Ockam CTO Mrinal Wadhwa is now available for viewing here:

calendarsUpcoming Events

June 11, 2020, 10 AM Pacific

Webinar:Security-By-Design – Getting Started and Getting It Right

Voler Systems President and founder, Walt Maclay, will be hosting a webinar that will explore security-by-design and how to get it right from the get-go on Thursday, June 11, 2020, 10 AM Pacific. Join this webinar and discover how the ideal security design can be realized for your devices and applications.

Learn more by clicking here.


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