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Sneak peek at Voler’s Universal Health-Sensor Platform at Sensor Expo & Conference

Voler Systems will offer a sneak peek at their Universal Health-Sensor Platform at the 2018 Sensor Expo & Conference.

Voler’s wearable health platform makes it possible to innovate faster and at a lower cost with rapid prototyping. It’s no longer necessary for a company to design the core electronics and basic software for a new wearable device. Firms can start gathering data very quickly to test their product and market assumptions. New sensors can be quickly added to the basic design.

The Universal Health-Sensor Platform is intended to quickly build small functional prototype wearable devices. The code, created in partnership with Medium One, can be ported to production designs as well, again saving time and money.

Walt Maclay, Voler System’s President, will speak on a panel at the Medical Sensors Design Conference co-located with Sensor Expo & Conference at 4pm on June 25th, 2018. He will share valuable insight into rapid prototyping with wearable device sensors.

Voler’s experience in medical device development includes wearables, consumables, point-of-care, diagnostic, surgical devices, and more. Their expertise helps clients navigate the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges associated with medical device development.

Transforming client ideas, needs, and challenges into innovative, marketable products and successful brands fuels the passion that drives Voler. Passion for innovation drove the development of a rapid prototyping platform for the medical industry. Voler Systems has built a record of delivering consistent success.

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