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Partner Spotlight: Fusion Design Provides Turnkey Solutions


Founded: 1990
President: Mark Brinkerhoff
Employees: 18
Location: Campbell California

Fusion Design is a full service product development company specializing in industrial and mechanical design located in Silicon Valley.

(408) 378-9980

Fusion Design

Where Ideas Become Reality

Fusion Design is a full service product development company specializing in industrial and mechanical design located in Silicon Valley. Their projects range from small plastic enclosures to large automated robotic systems.

Mark Brinkerhoff, President and Co-Owner of Fusion Design, is a mechanical engineer from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a professional engineering license. He has worked on machine designs for over 20 years. Mark joined Fusion Design in 1993; Doug Grundstrom is the founder (1990). Doug’s background is primarily product development. He was a key employee of David Kelly Design that is now IDEO. Mark and Doug provide rapid product development solutions that include mechanical engineering, industrial design, product prototype, and CAD/CAM/CAE solutions.

Voler Systems and Fusion Design have worked on projects together where the combined skills of the two companies were needed to produce a complete quality design. Either company may take the prime contractor position, with the other company working as a subcontractor. Other arrangements are possible to best meet the needs of our clients.

One recent project together was early design work on a new type of cardiac defibrillator. Fusion Design provided industrial design and Voler Systems provided electrical design. We were able provide a turnkey solution to a startup and assist them with development and patent review.

Recently Fusion Design and Voler Systems developed a tester for a new precision pump for dispensing liquids in laboratory use. It can accurately dispense a few micrograms of fluid.

The most challenging aspect of the project was making precision measurements that did not drift while calibrating the pump. A laser interferometer was required, and even small temperature changes could interfere with the precise distance measurements of less than one micron.

Both companies worked together to solve this problem in a multidisciplinary way. Fusion Design selected a highly precision laser interferometer and very stable material to minimize temperature drift. Voler Systems designed the software to take advantage of the slow drift with time by making differential measurements, and then storing the information in a table giving the pump thousands of calibration points.

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