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Volume 2015, Issue 4 Newsletter

Volume 2015, Issue 4 Newsletter

In This Issue:

What does the IoT Explosion Mean to Engineering Managers?

The idea of connecting devices to the internet (IoT) has been popularized and is seen as the next big thing with projections of massive growth. Every company seems to be jumping on board with new IoT devices and systems. Read why we don’t think it is just hype!!

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Smart IoT devices – Fix, Replace or Ignore

Over the past few years we have been told of the advantages of the ever-increasing Internet of Things; how smart devices will solve our problems by meeting, and even anticipating, our needs. All useful Things that would make life easier, right? Yes, assuming they work. The problem is, the Internet of Things breaks down just like any other thing. So what do we do: fix, replace or ignore?

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