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Simplified Devices, Pharmacy Access Among 2020 Catalysts for Diabetes Tech: Analysts



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Simplified Devices, Pharmacy Access Among 2020 Catalysts for Diabetes Tech: Analysts

By Susan Kelly, MedTechDive

The stage is set for another year of meaningful diabetes tech advancements, according to the Baird analysts, who expect greater automation of functions and interoperability between devices to drive market expansion.

The analysts said this year could represent “an even greater technological leap forward than in 2018” which they said they previously considered the most significant new product launch year in more than a decade for the diabetes sector.

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3 Questions to Answer Before You Develop a Patent

By Shmuel Silverman, Multi-Innovation

Most CEOs that I meet believe that IP protection is important in protecting their business. But when they’re faced with questions like, “Why are there so many competitors if your business is well protected?” and “Do you believe your competition is infringing on your patents?” They commonly answer with, “We are in a high-value market,” and “I don’t believe so.”

Are you sure that you aren’t developing IP that can be easily circumvented by your competition?

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Opinion: AI, Privacy and APIs Will Mold Digital Health in 2020

By Anish Sebastian, Babyscripts

Last month saw the rollout of the latest upgrades to Amazon’s Echo speaker line: earbuds, glasses and a ring that connect to Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa. These new products are just three examples of a growing trend to incorporate technology seamlessly into our human experience, representing the ever-expanding frontiers for technology that have moved far past the smartphone.

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Withings Unveils New Watch with ECG, Sp02 Capabilities

French digital health company Withings has unveiled its latest smartwatch dubbed ScanWatch, which will include an ECG and Sp02 sensor.

The watch comes with a PPG sensor, which will continuously monitor the user’s heart rate and alert users if there is an irregularity. If any issues are detected, the watch will prompt the user to take an ECG reading. Watch wearers can read the ECG on the screen of their watch or in the watch’s accompanying Health Mate app. The app can store the reading and any notes that go along with the reading.

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Jan. 23rd 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.,Sunnyvale, CA

CES Trends for 2020 – Expert Panel

Learn and share insights from the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Expert speakers will share hardware trends from CES 2020 & what it means for the future of our Silicon Valley hardware product development ecosystem.

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Feb. 4th 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.,Santa Clara, CA

Lunch and Learn with NextFlex

Don’t miss the opportunity to lunch and learn with Oxana Pantchenko, Human Monitoring Lead and Engineering Project Manager, of NextFlex as she shares her insights on how to gain a competitive advantage, enhance your supply chain, and identify Best Practices. Several case studies will be presented that demonstrate the use of flexible hybrid electronics technology.

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Feb 20th 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM,Santa Clara, CA

Cloud + Cellular + IoT: An Insider’s View On Trends

IoT Fast Track: Learn how new approaches in IoT connectivity, cloud integration, and network management are helping startup and enterprise developers launch projects into the field quickly and succeed at scale in categories from consumer electronics and wearables to agriculture, energy, industrial, POS, asset tracking and wellness/medical.

Stick around for a drawing for a free IoT Starter Kit and other giveaways.

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Mar 17-18, 2020, San Jose, CA

Conference/Show: Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2020

Voler Systems will be an exhibitor at Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2020, held at the Crowne Plaza, San Jose. Voler President Walt Maclay will be one of the featured speakers, and he will discuss the many challenges in performing biometric measurements, along with how new technologies are dramatically reducing the cost of biometric sensors.

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Mar 18, 2020, MindRome, Santa Clara, CA

Talk: Key initiatives to Derive Intelligence Out of Internet of Things (IoT)

Viji Krishnamurthy, a Sr. Director at Oracle who leads analytics for Oracle IoT and Blockchain apps, will discuss three key initiatives, namely analytics, recommendation engine and integrations that help to deliver desired autonomy. He will demonstrate these intelligence initiatives via Oracle IoT applications and several customer use cases.

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