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Looking for the right FPGA programming design company to help you plan, engineer, and develop a breakthrough product on time and on budget? FPGAs require advanced skills and experience to develop them. Voler Systems utilizes diverse FPGA programming tools, including Quartus, ISE, ModelSim, VHDL, and Verilog, to create quality products on time and within budget. Whether you are using an Intel (Altera) Xilinx or other FPGA, Voler Systems can develop the board and the code to make it work effectively.

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Your project starts with joint collaboration between your team and Voler Systems on initial specifications and objectives, then moves to accurately scoping and designing your product for optimal performance. Your FPGA-based device is designed to mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Voler Systems engineers program and design the device you need to create a truly unique product.

Owing to their capability to work in a parallel fashion, FPGAs offer much higher speeds and can solve complex computation problems, combined with re-programmability. The powerful flexibility of FPGAs is used in medical equipment, automobiles, automation, security, communications, and defense.


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Voler Engineers Program The Following Types of FPGAs


Low-End FPGAs

Designed for low power consumption, low logic density, low complexity per chip, and low cost. Examples include:

  • Spartan family from Xilinx
  • Cyclone family from Intel
  • Mach XO/ICE40 from Lattice Semiconductor
  • Fusion Family from Microsemi.

Mid-Range FPGAs

Designed for an optimum solution between the low-end and high-end FPGAs, balancing performance and cost. Examples include:

  • Arria from Intel
  • Artix-7/Kintex-7 series from Xilinx
  • IGL002 from Microsemi
  • ECP3 and ECP5 series from Lattice semiconductor

High-End FPGAs

Designed for logic density and high performance. Examples include:

  • Stratix family from Intel
  • Virtex family from Xilinx
  • Speedster 22i family from Achronix
  • ProASIC3 family from Microsemi

Client Success Stories

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I want to thank you for the high-quality work from you and your staff on the AED monitor project… My experience working with you has energized me, opening new ideas and concepts that I may have otherwise neglected to pursue.

Micah Bongberg
CEO Annuvia
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You did an excellent job for us on the board you designed. It was on time and below budget. The performance was outstanding, and working with you and Voler was very easy.

Cliff Ludwig
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I am impressed with your willingness and ability to accommodate changes to the design, both large and small, throughout the process.

Peter Lotz
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I was very pleased with the fixture your group developed for the VPULSE System. Your quote was accurate, and you delivered it to the schedule. The tester performs well at our off-shore factory. I was particularly pleased with the additional efforts of Stuart on a Saturday in which he completed work in time for me to catch a plane to our factory that evening. The work he did at the last minute worked and was the sort of effort I look for in our partners. I plan to use your design services on an on-going basis.

Howard Edelman
General Manager
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We used Voler to help us design and develop a next-generation non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring system. They had all of the expertise and resources to deliver everything we needed. They even spend countless hours working with us in the design FMEA.

Vendor Op
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We used Voler for their full service R&D consulting services. Their consulting services range from initial concept and design all the way to the production end. We also use them for test systems including sensors and measurement electronics. Their team knows the regulatory process and procedures and delivers high-quality products in a timely manner and on budget. We have been very pleased with their consulting services and have even recommended them to a neighboring company.

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Voler is really good at identifying risks and finding the best way to do a project. Strengths: customer service, identifying risk, best design approach.


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