Medical wearables are disrupting the healthcare industry. The majority (60%) of healthcare organizations globally have already introduced IoT devices into their facilities. According to Juniper Research, the Healthcare Wearables Market will reach $60 billion — with 5 million individuals remotely monitored by healthcare providers — by the year 2023.

In our latest e-book, we discuss the various power and security challenges that are inherent in wearable healthcare devices.

The e-book discusses the following key topics:
  • Physiological sensors used in wearables
  • Power limitations of medical wearables and their impact on user experience
  • Ultra-low-power design and wireless charging
  • Why security challenges for wearables are much higher than for an endpoint in a fixed location
  • What elements must be considered when adopting a security-by-design approach, as suggested by the FDA
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different wireless standards such as Wi-Fi, Cellular, BLE, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and more.

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