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Next Week: Sensor Expo & Conference 2019 in San Jose



On June 25-27, Voler Systems will be joining technology leaders in San Jose for the Sensor Expo & Conference.  Walt Maclay will be speaking on Wednesday, June 26 on “Wearable and Remote Patient Monitoring: Pitfalls of Medically Accurate Measurements“.

In his talk, Walt Maclay covers common bio-sensors used in wearables for remote patient monitoring and how to get medically accurate measurements.

  • Measuring EKG — Measurement points have to be rather far apart (at least 1½ inches on the chest). That’s a significant issue if the device is too small. It’s particularly difficult to measure EKG on the wrist.
  • Heart rate — Heart rate is simple to implement in theory, but difficult to measure on the wrist.
  • Measuring the electrical EKG signal requires good contact with the skin, which can be difficult. A more reliable technique is pulse plethysmography or PPG, but there are two types, and the one that is most reliable only works on the fingers or the ears.
Stop by for a demo of our latest Universal Health-Sensor Platform

It is the fastest path for capturing and transmitting patient data because it is a pre-engineered prototype device that can directly evolve into your eventual commercial product. The Universal Health-Sensor Platform includes Bluetooth Low Energy wireless data transmission and is designed to work with a variety of sensors. It includes a phone or cloud app to collect and display data.

Racing to introduce more intelligent and connected products

These new innovations are fueled by sensor fusion, wireless, and power Leaders envision important opportunities combining sensors, wireless technology and software which will disrupt industries that are relying on solutions from decades ago.


From cars to medical devices, sensors are being combined to create a more intelligent self-monitoring world around us. Recent Voler projects include sensor fusion to measure motion and vision in cars, point-of-care medicine, drug research, sleep analysis, supply chain and asset management.


There are now competing standards, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in battery power consumption, transmission distance, and applicability to different uses.

  • Do sensors need to stay in the field for days, months or years on battery power?
  • How often will they need to report?
  • Are disposable devices being considered, or will replaceable or rechargeable batteries be used?
  • What range must communications cover, and how much data will they need to send in each message?

For help selecting the right wireless protocol — one that fits your needs and scale more information, see our Guide to Wireless Technology Standards


Laptops no longer drive the definition of low-power. Increasingly suppliers rely on consultants to provide the specific skills needed to design today’s exploding array of battery operated devices including wearable devices, IoT, mHealth and implantable devices.

We are excited to be part of the connected sensor ecosystems and to share insights to accelerate new product development. See us at the Sensor Expo & Conference in San Jose on June 25-27.


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Voler Systems provides electronic design and firmware consulting. We specialize in wearable and IoT devices for companies of all sizes that are creating medical and consumer products. We have specific knowledge about sensors, wireless communication, power management for battery operated devices, as well as medical devices. We deliver quality products on time and on budget. Our design process mitigates technical risk and the products are easily manufactured. By focusing exclusively on electronic design and software, we are the best at what we do.



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