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Customer Showcase Series - Episode 3: G-Tech Medical



Our latest Customer Showcase Series features G-Tech Medical and Anand Navalgund, Director of Clinical Science. Over 40 million patients visit gastroenterologists for GI conditions every year. Current options for assessing gastrointestinal activity to evaluate motility disorders are inadequate, so G-Tech Medical decided to develop a disruptive technology to address this need.

They call it “an EKG for the gut”!

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Gastrointestinal problems are undiagnosed about one-third of the time. Monitoring digestive system functions is a big challenge today. Enter G-Tech Medical’s patch system!

  • Optimizing Bluetooth communications by improving the pairing ability, adding a unique serial number, and creating profiles for easier use by the patient.
  • Extending battery life with newer chips and less battery drain.
  • Improving signal sampling and timestamping.
  • Lowering energy use and increasing memory so data out of phone range could be stored and uploaded to the cloud once back in range.
  • Providing over-the-air firmware updates.
  • Simplifying the design with fewer components for easier manufacturing.

Hear about G-Tech’s revolutionary wearable patch system, and also about their collaboration with Voler Systems around the patch design, the hardware and the cybersecurity testing, the various stages of FDA approvals, and more.

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