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Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects by Walt Maclay



Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects

Keys to Staying on Budget, on Time, Every Time by Walt Maclay.

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This book maps out a plan and subsequent actions required to make engineering design projects successful. Following this advice can result in projects that are always on time and on budget. Engineering managers will become highly successful.Engineers will learn how to plan and execute for success, how to review projects to assess their chances of success potential obstacles to their success, and how to recognize when a project is in trouble so they can intervene in time to get the project back on track.Preorder the book

Table of Contents

Section I: Characteristics of Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects Section II: Critical Steps to Take before Starting a Project Section III: Medical Device Requirements Section IV: Essential Actions Required during Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects Section V: Warning Signs to Watch for during Highly Successful Design Projects Section VI: Ensuring a Successful Transfer to Manufacturing Section VII: Integrating Learning to Get Better with Every Project


About the Author

Walt Maclay

Walt Maclay is the president and founder of Voler Systems in 1979, now one of the top electronic design firms in Silicon Valley, and is committed to delivering quality electronic products that are easy to manufacture on time and on budget. Voler Systems provides design, development, risk assessment, and verification of new devices for medical, consumer, and industrial applications. Voler is particularly experienced in designing wearable and IoT devices, using its skill with sensors and wireless technology.

Mr. Maclay has been active in several consultant organizations and is a senior life member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He is a reviewer for NSF SBIR grants and has mentored dozens of startup companies. Voler Systems is a member of a technology consortium, the Product Realization Group, which provides all the services to design and introduce new hardware products. Mr. Maclay holds a BSEE degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University.

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